Depression: The End Of Everything 🤡

… What if you find yourself standing all alone looking at yourself in the mirror with tears rolling down your cheeks and eyes open wide , wondering what have you done to deserve THIS…

The most serious issue with the most nonserious attitude towards it is the the mental health …be it any primary student or any successful business man who knows the smile they have on their face is real or just an escape. Have you ever wondered why is that why no one is ready to talk about it ? Maybe the reason that pushed me to write about it..

Human beings are social animals we can’t be isolated and we depend on each other in one way or another we have families ,friends ,colleagues the people we care for the people who care for us we keep going for them striving for better and better as each day goes by. But everyone has a different perspective on life , the different environment they live in with different life conditions some have enough some are barely surviving such an inequality we can’t ignore it. People have particular goals set and are making efforts to achieve them working for it to reach that particular point of contentment they want they need where everything seems perfect like nothing is left behind now in their personal practical or professional lives they crave for perfection in their relationships in their social activities and the response they are getting from it. But what if you don’t reach it what if something else happens that you’d never thought of ?Then what?

Moments lasting even seconds change everything .. in a good way or bad. Those turning points in life which seem something out of the script shake us all over. We feel that numbness.. that blank space not knowing what to do ahead .. A disappointment that’s hard to get over with the feeling of dissatisfaction from yourself puts a perplexing pause on your way of doing things. What is it ? A totally changed person you become in such a short time . Yeah it is for real. It is there when you try hard to sleep .. struggle to keep your loved ones feeling fine .. the anxiety and the pressure you feel on yourself sometimes takes ages to disappear.

An invisible monster it is which keeps eating you up and worst part is when you just lie there and you can’t do anything about it. People who have gone through this know this. You can’t see it but it will make the most devastating changes in you which need not to be taken for granted. You have to be prepared for anything especially now when life is more likely to go towards unexpectensies. You have to find ways to be happy. Yes you have to . This is life . This is it. The name of struggle the continuous phase of struggle.

Nimra Asghar

25 April 2021



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